These terms apply to all Gio Fabrics Member Cards provided by the Gio Fabrics Sdn. Bhd.  
Please read these terms carefully. 

A.  Obtaining your Member Card
Member Cards remain the property of Gio Fabrics and may not be sold, transferred or licensed. We reserves the right to expand or limit the availability of Member Cards or terminate the Member Card program, at any time.


B.  Member Card Benefits
You must use your Member Card at Gio Fabrics store to receive any associated benefits, which may include the following:

  • Discount – We offers a range of discounts and benefits and the chance to become involved in a variety of member events and activities. Member Cards are not credit cards, charge cards or debit cards, nor are they connected in any way to your bank account.

We reserve the right to eliminate, modify or provide additional benefits in connection with Member Cards at any time.


C.  Fees
We reserve the right to charge certain fees in connection with the Member Card. More than one fee may be assessed in given instance. These fees may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • i) Activation/Renewal Fee
  • ii) Replacement Fee


D.  Expiration Dates

  • Member Card – 1 year.


E.  Your Responsibility - Loss, Theft, Damage
You are responsible for all purchase and other activity associated with your Member Card, whether or not the activity was authorized by you.
  • i) Lost, Stolen or Unauthorized Use - If your Member Card is lost, stolen or otherwise used without your authorization, you are responsible for any activity associated with your Member Card up to the time you properly notify us by calling +(6)03.2692.2892.  Once you have provided us proper notification, your Member Card will be deactivated. 
  • ii) Damage - If your Member Card is damaged or malfunctions, you should immediately notify us by calling +(6)03.2692.2892.