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Jacklyn Silky Crepe D15-C1
RM  32.90  26.32   20%  
Jacklyn Silky Crepe D3-C2
RM  32.90  26.32   20%  
Jacklyn Silky Crepe D6-C4
RM  32.90  26.32   20%  

Best Sellers

Jacklyn Silky Crepe D9-C1
RM  32.90  26.32   20%  
Moda Satin D32-C3
RM  32.90  23.03   30%  
Moda Satin D10-C2
RM  32.90  23.03   30%  
Como Crepe D39-C2
RM  32.90  23.03   30%  

Special Promotions

Baju Kurung Maysaa D5 ( Nebula Blue )
RM  199.90  99.95   50%  
Baju Kurung Moden Safeera 80002000000-C2
RM  199.90  99.95   50%  
Baju Kurung Moden Narisa D1-C3
RM  209.90  146.93   30%  
Baju Kurung Rozella ( Purple )
RM  199.90  99.90   50%  
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    Printed Fabrics
    Printed Fabrics
    Plain Fabrics
    Plain Orena Heavy Crepe Chiffon
    Songket by Gio Fabrics is available for both men and women and is a hand-woven piece of brocaded fabric consisting of either cotton, polyester or silk as the base material with gold or silver threads making up its elaborate designs as the pattern decorating the songket in parts or in full.
    Our range of laces included designer lace, shuger lace, embroidery lace, sequin lace, tulle embroidery lace & glitter lace.
    Ready to Wear
    Our ready to wear including blouse, baju kurung, dress, jubah, pants, palazzo pants, cardigan, tunik, tunic, skirt, gown, gaun, baju kebaya and kebarung